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Facebook Announces Local Marketing Program


Facebook Is Helping Local Businesses Reach Customers

Facebook announced it is beginning to help local business advertising by creating a niche of local business ads within the facebook advertising platform. This should be exciting with new features that are more GEO located and are highly targeted within the area of your local business. If you are in need of Facebook Advertising it's always good to make sure you use an agency that is highly skilled in creating and reporting your ads. That's right folks the days of just boosting your post isn't good enough. Let Groove Marketers sit with you and discuss your business goals or current marketing for lead generation. If you are not sure how you are getting leads or how to track where your current leads are coming from we can help. With Groove Facebook Reporting you will always know what demographic you are targeting and who your audience really is.Give Groove Marketers a call to answer any of your questions regarding Local Facebook Marketing.