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Online Marketing SEO, SEM, PPC etc.

Our Services Include. Professional Design, On-line Marketing PPC Advertising, SEO & Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing & Design, E-Commerce & Merchant Account Setup, Graphic Design and Commercial Media.

Why is our Groove Solution Different?

Mobile Search Marketing Utah

Online Marketing

With Mobile search statistics doubling every year, it would be insane not to make sure your business is online and searchable. Groove Marketers takes the time to find your niche market and all the related search keywords so that when someone is searching on a Mobile device or from their computer you are found. Bottom line, if you're not where people are searching you won't be found. We'll develop an online strategy for your business so you have all your bases covered. From Website Optimization to Social Media presence we can target the right customers so you can focus on your business.

SEO Services Salt Lake City

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO... What is that?? Most people don't understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but need to know how it's the backbone to your online business. Here's a great example: Let's say a Dentist has a website designed and on that website it shows all his services. If each page is not optimized for each service this Dentist provides then he will not show up in the search when someone is looking for a specific service. Sure I could search Dentist in Salt lake City, UT ...

and get the top ten results but what if that dentist wants to show up for Laser Dentistry? Well that's why we are one of the only marketing companies in Utah that take this into consideration when designing a website. Most websites just have basic Optimization at best. Groove Marketers designs websites with SEO in mind geared to your specific niche market and not just some basic database search. We make sure all of your web pages and their content are indexed for search so you show up in more places at the right time. We can setup SEO campaigns for existing websites or build one from scratch.

PPC Marketing Company Salt Lake City Utah

PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising)

PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising is an important element to advertising online for any business although it's not for all businesses. Simply put, we create ads and choose keywords which are words or phrases that are related to your business. When people search for one of these keywords you show up in the search. Now you are in the right place at the right time. These are called PPC ads and usually cost a business every time someone clicks on your ad. ...


As you could imagine this can get pretty expensive if you don't really know what you are doing. Don't worry Groove Marketers specializes in Google and Youtube PPC advertising as well as Facebook PPC. With a quick assessment of your business we can tell you whether PPC is right for you and how much you will need to spend to make a mark in your area of business.

Email Marketing Company Utah

Email Marketing-Direct Mail Marketing

Wait... Isn't Email marketing Dead? Didn't Spam kill email marketing? Let's just look at a local case study. Business XYZ took the time for six months in 2011 to gather as many customers emails as they could that shopped in the store. The incentive was something like this: "Let me grab your email so we can send you special customer loyalty discounts and promotions. That way next time you come to see us you can get discounted stuff." Most of the customers were excited to give their email because...


they shopped at the store anyway and to receive discounts or promotions incentivized them to want to give up their email. What ended up happening in the six month period was something that not only helped increase sales and business for the store but, ended up helping business XYZ gain a loyal and huge email database of customers they could count on. What proper email marketing can do is basically be that little bird on the window that subtly reminds your customers about your business every month creating more ways for you market to them. As far as Direct Mail Marketing, Yes maybe it's not for you but there is no way to find out unless you have someone on your side that knows a thing or two about the business. Groove Marketers has been working with some of Utah's top direct mail marketing companies for years so we know how to determine whether it's right for you.

Corporate Radio Jingles In Utah

Corporate Jingles (Radio Ads)

Advertising Jingles are one of the most successful forms of advertising. Once that simple Jingle becomes stuck in someone's head, they think about it at different times of the day which can help you when they are thinking about your service or product. How many times have you had a jingle stuck in your head then forgot about it until you needed that particular service? Last year my furnace went out on me and sure enough the first thing that came to mind was a Jingle that I heard ...


on the radio the week before about the local heating company. That's the power of a great Jingle. We can take the time to help you write an effective jingle that's memorable and sticky so that your advertising dollars are spent in the right place. Groove Marketers has over 20 years experience in the field of corporate jingles and chances are you've probably heard one of our ads on the radio.

Billboard Advertising Company In Utah


Radio and TV ads get a little diluted among the many different stations and channels which makes it difficult to advertise to the right people or even the masses. Billboard advertising is a great medium to advertise to a large group of people day in and day out. We have clients that showed significant increase in sales during the duration of the ad. You would also be surprised in the cost versus other advertising mediums. Most clients have said "billboards,


no they are too expensive for our budget" but didn't realize compared to other advertising they were doing how cheap and effective they really were. If you are interested in learning more about billboard advertising and whether it's right for your business give us a call, we can help.

Utah Public Relations Company

Public Relations

Good PR is always about communicating your message within the community to gain relationships and grow your business. Creating a buzz about your business can be the one thing you need to start driving traffic through your doors. Buzz is what Groove Marketers is all about. We love to sit and come up with creative ideas like special events or promotions to funny or effective Videos that get people excited about your business. If you've never setup a Press Release campaign we can help.


Our team has been working with PR Newswire and PRWeb for over five years and have done hundreds of press release campaigns for business owners to create awareness and help launch products or services. Let's chat about whether a good PR campaign can help rocket your business to the next level. Give us a call or email us.

Recent Testimonials

  • Andrea H. customer since 2010

    Groove Marketers has created an online presence for my business that has truly changed the way I am able to connect with people from all over the United States. I have been able create a customer base that I could not have done without their help. Having someone that really knows what SEO is, IS key to having the online presence you need to make it in the cyberworld today. Groove Marketers is that company that knows just what to do and how to do it..

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