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How to Choose a Web Design Agency in Utah

These days there are dozens of local web design firms in the Salt Lake City area to sort through when looking to get your website built. Some of them are good, some of them not so good.

How do you know who’s best? How do you choose?

Competition is tough and choosing the right agency can be tough. Below we’ve listed the top 10 reasons, we believe, you should choose Groove Marketers for your next web design project. (Stay tuned for the Top 10 reasons you should choose Groove Marketers for your SEO and internet marketing needs too!) We hope these 10 reasons are the things you’ve been looking for in a web design agency.

Top 10 Reasons to choose Groove Marketers for WEB DESIGN

1. We build websites that are great looking on the outside and on the inside. Not only do we pay attention to how great the website looks on the outside, we make sure that all the code behind the scenes is beautiful too. Our websites are built using HTML 5, CSS3, and jQuery on a platform that is both flexible and robust.

2. We have lots of valuable experience. Our head designer has over 18 years of experience. She has watched websites evolve from simple .html only websites to what they are today with multiple types of code, database-driven web forms, ecommerce and other complex features.

3. We stay on top of the latest developments, trends and new coding techniques. This is a must as new trends and techniques come up all the time.


4. We build websites to be responsive – responsive websites loading properly across all devices including mobile, tablet and desktop. This is another must as smartphone users worldwide are expected to surpass 2 Billion by 2016. It’s also true that if a website visitor can’t easily view your website on their smartphone they’ll move on. Read more about why responsive websites are so important here.

5. We build e-commerce websites with all the bells and whistles including inventory control, shipping options, discount codes, and security to insure a safe transaction.

6. We build websites to be SEO Friendly – This means that google and other search engines can easily read and index every page and every word of your website. This translates into more website traffic and more customers.

7. We build on a platform with tons of cool built-in features such as website analytics, customer database, reporting and email marketing.
Other features include built-in content management so you can make your own text edits, customer relationship manager, built-in blog, user forums, secure zones and on and on. Take a
moment to browse our website platform features here.

8. We think outside the box. We know most businesses have stiff competition and we try to think of ways to make your business and your website stand out from the crowd with something unique.

9. We build websites that convert website visitors into customers. We strategically place different elements on the site to ensure users take the action you want them to.


10. We’re local. We are a local business and want to see other local business thrive.