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Why Do I Need SEO and Digital Marketing Services?

“Why Do I Need SEO and Digital Marketing Services? | Draper UT”

If you’re a small business owner then you are definitely familiar with digital marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) services. Whether you know quite a lot or next to nothing you at least understand that it is important. But just how important are they? The answer might surprise you.

At Groove Marketers we specialize in helping small businesses in Draper, Sandy, and just about everywhere in Salt Lake County and Utah County improve their online presence. Why is improving your online presence important? Well, it directly affects your bottom line. Your online presence is essential to your businesses success because odds are more people will see you online then physically coming into your business.

Take a look at these photos:

Now, if you were the owner of any of these businesses, wouldn’t you get these fixed right away? The same thing applies to your online presence. Why a neon sign isn’t going to burn out and give your business a comical new name, things are going to go wrong with your businesses info on the different directories all across the web. One directory might have your name wrong or your address listed bad. Your phone number could be an old one that you had 10 years ago. All of these are possible ways for your business’s online presence to go wrong.

Well, who cares if your address is wrong in one little directory you’ve never heard of? Google does! And therefore you should as well. If anything about your business looks funny across the world wide web then Google notices and in turn it effects your rankings. Then the dominoes start to fall. If you have bad search engine optimization then you don’t rank on Google, if you don’t rank on Google then you don’t get web traffic, and if people aren’t finding you online then you are losing out on potential customers and business revenue. Like it or not it is all about how you can rank higher on Google.

I know what you’re thinking, “well, last time I checked on a couple directories my info was right. Why do errors occur and once they are fixed, why do I need to pay someone to manage my SEO?” In a recent study done by Yext, they found that the average business has about 60 directory listing errors a year. That is one error every 6 days. Think of it in terms of landscaping. If you pay a landscaper to clean up your yard and then do nothing, how long will it take for your grass to get untamed and weeds to start popping up everywhere? Is it the landscapers fault? Of course not. In this information age errors just happen online and if they go unaccounted for, they effect your online presence and in turn hurt your bottom line.

Here at Groove Marketers we are the best digital marketing company in Draper. We help businesses all over Salt Lake County and Utah County to rank higher in the most popular search engines in order to help their business grow. We have barely touched the tip of the iceberg on why you need digital marketing and SEO services. So, if you want to know how strong of an online presence. you have or what you can do to improve it, contact us at Groove Marketers. So that you can finally focus on your business while we help you get your Groove online.