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Vicore Fitness

Bluffdale, Utah
Customer since 2012


Vicore Fitness came to us in 2012 needing a new website that better showcased their unique products and their innovation in the competitive fitness industry. They wanted a slick and sexy website that was interactive and informative. They needed a secure area where their distributors could login and download media materials. They also wanted to reach out to potential distributors and customers through email marketing. Groove Marketers was able to meet all of their needs with our all-in-one system. With SEO tactics We were able to get Vicore Fitness 1st page Google Placement for competitive keywords.

Site features include:
  • Distributors Only Secure Area
  • Ecommerce – Buy Used Equipment
  • Home page slider
  • Rotating customer testimonials
  • Interactive Product Slider
  • Interactive Product Zoom
  • Video Gallery
  • Newsletter Signup Form
  • Contact us form

website: Vicore Fitness – Bluffdale, Utah

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