Google Adwords and Facebook-Instagram Pay-per-click advertising is one of our specialties.

We can educate you so that you understand the entire process from selecting keywords to bid strategies. Don’t have the time? Well we also understand you need to focus on your business so we like to show you our process to make it more comfortable then get right to work so you don’t have to worry about it. Give us a call for any questions or if you are thinking about creating a PPC campaign that is worth your investment.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Ever tried Google PPC or Facebook-Instagram marketing with another company and didn’t have a clue if it was working or not? With Groove Marketers we take the time to help you understand where your budget is going and how it’s converting.

We offer simple PPC or Landing Page Marketing to help you target your specific audience and track conversions. If PPC didn’t work for you in the past try our Groove approach and see the difference a little hands-on management makes without the automation. Most companies that set up marketing PPC campaigns will setup your target keywords then throw you on a monthly automation without even looking at specifics or analytics.

We like to take the time to show you each month what keywords are working and what keywords may be depleting your budget. When we make these critical adjustments each month your campaign has a better potential for being successful.