SEO/Search Engine Optimization

SEO… What is that?? Most people don’t understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but should know by now it is the backbone to any successful business.

Why do I need my website to be optimized for SEO?

Let’s say a dentist office has a website that shows all their services. If each page is not optimized for each service they provide then that website will not show up in the search when someone is looking for a specific service. Sure you could search Dentist in Salt Lake City, UT and get the top ten results but… what if that dentist wants to show up for Laser Dentistry? Well that’s why we are one of the only marketing companies in Utah that take this into consideration when designing a website. Most websites just have basic optimization at best.

How does SEO help my business?

The more places your customers see you online the more your business comes to mind when they need your products or services. Groove Marketers designs websites with this in mind. Our SEO tactics are geared so your business shows up for your specific niche market and not just a basic search. We make sure every page is indexed for search in Google AND top online directories so you show up in more places at the right time.

Can you do SEO on my existing website?

We can setup SEO campaigns for existing websites or build one from scratch. If you are not sure whether your website is SEO friendly you can have us pull a quick audit to help show you the vulnerabilities and strengths. Give us a call or shoot over a quick email and let us know so we can send you a report.

Is SEO a one-time service you offer?

While making sure all of your web pages and their content are indexed for search in Google and all online directories so you show up in more places at the right time is important, ongoing monthly maintenance is the key to making sure your SEO campaign keeps growing and your business ranks higher for search terms. Groove Marketers reports your SEO progress so you can see where you were ranked before the SEO campaign at a baseline up to your current positioning. We can setup SEO campaigns for existing websites or build one from scratch.

How We Do It.

Using a combination of these 6 services that work in harmony with each other (i.e. the “Groove System”), our clients achieve success online and success in their businesses.

Some say SEO is Dead...

Is SEO dead?

SEO is a term that is outdated, but the fact is still clear that your business needs SEO to compete in rankings. So if you’ve ever been burned by an SEO person the chance was you had someone that couldn’t produce results. With the saturation of SEO companies in 2008 many businesses got burned by fly by night SEO companies which led to SEO getting a bad wrap.Our Digital Marketing services include everything you need to grow your business in the new digital age including SEO which is the backbone of a solid online presence.

SEO is not dead.

As long as people pick up their phone, perform a voice-activated search, or type in a search for something they need or want SEO will be a huge factor in what search results are delivered. We believe that businesses who understand and utilize the power of SEO for their business will be dancing on the graves of their competitors who don’t.