Responsive Web Design

Tired of being told you have to choose your website from a standard set of templates? Or that building a website that matches your marketing materials will cost you an arm and a leg? Well, we don’t blame you. We don’t like building boring, cookie-cutter websites. We know that running a successful business means having a web presence that’s not like all the rest. Our designers love to design and build websites that reflect the professional business image you’ve worked hard to achieve. Oh, and we always make sure it looks right on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Websites that convert visitors into Customers

These days it’s not enough to have a beautiful website. If your website visitors are leaving your site before they’ve taken action then your website is not doing it’s job. We know this and we know how to increase the chances of website visitors turning into customers. We are very deliberate and scientific about where we put a call to action on the page and where we put pretty pictures when we design your site. We make sure it’s very clear what action customers need to take before they get bored or confused and leave.  We build landing pages for a very specific purpose that work in conjunction with Pay Per Click advertising so that every piece is working together to increase the likelihood of a sale or a phone call.

Search Engine Friendly Websites

SEO is an important part to making sure your business is found online. We design each website for maximum SEO exposure and indexing. What does that mean? Well here’s a quick example: Let’s say a local landscape company has a website with a bunch of pages that explain their various services. If each separate page on the website is not designed separately with proper SEO then the company will not show up under all its various services and may not even index well against the many other local landscape websites. So if I search “landscape lighting” because I am interested in that then the company with the most relevance for landscape lighting will show up. Groove Marketers can even do an audit on your existing business site to help you maximize your search exposure. If you still have further questions give us a call. We are a local business and we are here to help local businesses.

Websites Optimized for Mobile Search

What does it mean to be optimized for mobile and why is that important. If you check out the stats below you’ll see that your potential customers are most likely looking for your business products or services on their mobile device. Are they finding you there? Not only does your website need to look good on a mobile device but it needs to be optimized for mobile search. We can help.


of adults in the U.S. own a smart phone


# of minutes per day on average user spent online per day


of U.S. small businesses still don't have a website

All of this means that there are a whole lot of people using their smart phones spending a whole lot of time online everyday and a whole lot of businesses that are missing out.

The phone book
is dead.

People turn to their phones and the internet like they used to turn to the Yellow Pages or newspaper when looking for products or services. Can they find you?