About Us

Groove Marketers was founded on the idea that every local business needs and deserves to be found when potential customers are searching for them online. We developed the proven Groove System that makes that happen. We take care of every aspect of your online presence while you focus on the important part, running your business.

Groove Marketers

Groove Marketers is an online digital marketing team for local business owners. We don’t just build websites, we grow your business online leading to more traffic to your website and more leads. We specialize in Website Design, Inbound Marketing Solutions, Landing Page Marketing, SEO-SEM, Google PPC and Facebook-Instagram Marketing campaigns. If your competitors are showing up online more than you it doesn’t always mean they are spending more. Our team of online marketing experts can help you generate a marketing solution that fits your budget and is effective often times beating out your competition. 

How We're Different

Avoid the Expensive Agency Mistake.

Do you think you have to spend a ton of money with one of the top agencies in order to get results? We see it time and time again with prospective clients. Business XYZ gets talked into spending a ton of money for a Google ad campaign, TV commercial, radio ad or a billboard ad hoping this will be their ticket to higher sales or better conversions. After the initial costly campaign is over, some companies are left with a few sales but mostly disappointing results for the cost of the campaign as well as their online presence not increasing. We like to focus on building your brand over time so that your presence is abundant and your reputation is clear. This helps future customers make trusted purchases which lead to on-going long term customers not just one and done sales. Having a solid reputation online as well as a continually growing presence shows people you are a trusted company. We call this the marathon of growing your business over time online vs being a quick sprint to a few sales. This is what makes Groove Marketers unique. We are continually growing your business creating a larger presence to beat out your competition as well as creating a more trusted company that people would want to do business with.

The more someone sees your business online with all the good reviews & branding the quicker they will make a decision to use you. That’s what we do best.

We believe in the Marathon approach to marketing and not the sprint to ensure a lasting success.