What Is Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a way of generating hype or traffic to your business by means of sharing various ads or information about your business on social media sites such as Facebook. The reason social media marketing has gained so much momentum in the past few years is because usually it’s coming from a trusted third party source and not the company direct. Here’s a great example: Let’s say Rebecca went to a store that had a great deal on shoes so she bought a few pair. Next thing you know Rebecca is talking about that deal on the various social media platforms she subscribes to therefore her friends see it and trust it because it’s coming from her directly and not the store. Word of mouth advertising has always been and always will be the most trusted and effective advertising because people trust the source. Below are a few examples of how we can help you create a great social media marketing campaign for your business.

Facebook Page Creation-Promotion

Most people have personal Facebook pages but it’s just been within the past 3 years that we have really seen businesses step it up a notch and start creating presence on Facebook. It’s not good enough anymore to just have your business name on Facebook, now you have to have a killer looking page that’s almost as important if not more important than your website. Groove Marketers not only understands the importance of having an awesome looking Facebook page but we know the ins and outs of marketing that page so you reach the right customers from trusted third party sources. This helps your business create a fan base and can also help engage them on a whole new level. Let us discuss the many different avenues available on Facebook for your business marketing needs.

Social Media Account Setup

Still haven’t had the time to setup your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Pinterest account yet? No problem we can usually set these up pretty quick with all the right information and throw on a slick looking skin to make them look professional. Interested in turning your Facebook page into an interactive website? Let us explain the various ways Facebook can be utilized to drive traffic to your business. Did you know having a Google Places for Business page is one of the keys to ranking well in Google and other search engines? We will make sure your page is setup properly and optimized monthly so that you rank for the correct keyword searches in your local area. Groove Marketers can also create beautiful backgrounds for your social media pages so that you stand out among your competitors. Remember a memorable page experience will keep your customers coming back and more willing to share your social media page with their friends. We are in the business of making memorable pages.

Facebook & Youtube PPC (pay per click)

Groove Marketers is at the forefront of online advertising using Facebook and Youtube. We can create campaigns for you with eye catching images that convert to traffic. We have been advertising for our clients on Facebook PPC for 3 years now and understand the many changes or updates that happen frequently thus keeping you in the ball game. Interested in creating a simple Youtube Video to help market your business? We can help. Google Adwords for video or Youtube is a great way to create a buzz about your business. Usually the ads range from around $.015-$.025 per click and are a fairly cheap way to get your message out to the right target audience. We can take your existing videos-commercials or create new ones for you with our in house video department. Either way, you’re missing out if you haven’t tried Facebook PPC or Youtube to promote your business locally or nationally.