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Groove Gives Dental Website a Makeover

We are happy to announce the launch of Holladay Family Dental‘s new website. We have been working with Dr. Jesse Greaves and the Holladay Family Dental team for years and we were very excited to build them a new and better website. As one of our top clients, we kept their old website very updated and very optimized. But there comes a point where you just need to freshen things up. We are already seeing results for this and Holladay Family Dental is currently seeing themselves rank close to the very top of Google for some of their target keywords.

Features and Benefits of a New Website

As with most of our clients, a beautiful new website is just the very beginning. Yes, your website is going to look fantastic but it is beyond what the eye can see that makes what we do so valuable. Just as we did for Holladay Family Dental’s new website we do a complete SEO set up of the websites we build. What does this mean? This means that we build the website in such a way that it is more search engine optimized so that when people Google things that you want your business to rank for, your website is built in a way that gives you the best chance to be ranked at the top of the page. An optimized website is a big help, but it is not enough to keep your online presence where you want it to be. Just like we have been doing with Dr. Greaves for years, we have monthly marketing and SEO packages that help keep your website at the top of the search engines. This drives up your web traffic and with it your revenue. In order to do this, we have given them the highly important for small businesses integrated blog that we professionally write and optimize. All of this and more features in order to help them stay ranked in the top search engines.

Are you a small business owner in Salt Lake City? What about Sandy, Draper, South Jordan, or anywhere in Salt Lake County? If you are looking for digital marketing services in Salt Lake City, we have got you covered. We can help your online presence get where it needs to be and keep it that way. Contact us to find out how you can finally start focusing on your business while we help you get your Groove online.