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How To Make Your Business Ready For Voice Search

We’ve all seen the new trends coming out with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Siri, and more. Voice search is becoming more and more a part of everyday life. Voice enable tech allows people to search the internet by just speaking to a machine. With this technology getting better and with more people searching through voice enabled tech the question is, are they going to be able to find you? Obviously, speaking is always more convenient than typing, and with this technology improving, businesses need to prepare for the voice revolution or they will get left behind.

Like any new and lasting trend, those who don’t get on board with voice search are going to be losing customers who do get on board with it. If people (and specifically your customers) begin using voice search more and more and expect to be able to find what they need through this search then it is your job to make sure they are able to find you. As we move into the future it is going to be critical for your business to be optimized for voice search.

How To Optimize Your Business For Voice Search

Getting you business ready for the growing trend of voice search will be a process. But if you get yourself ready, you will be prepared to ride this new wave instead of having it wash over as you watch your customers roll on.

Analyze your current online marketing strategies

A good first step in trying to change anything is to look at what you are already doing. Look at what is working, what is not working, what you want to continue doing, and what you need to stop. Taking a step back and auditing your current efforts can be one of the best ways to begin your quest to move forward with a better strategy.

Consider position zero

Position zero is the text right at the very top of your Google search. It is the box that comes up when you type in a question and Google tries to give you the vest best answer. Make a list of all the topics relevant to your business and enter them into You will get a wide range of questions and terms that might pertain to your business.

“Near Me” search optimization

Everyone is looking for a “gas station near me” or a “coffee shop near me”. Optimizing your business for “near me” searches will be a huge step in helping your business get ready for the voice revolution. Consider the products and services that your business offers and optimize those with your address and surrounding locations. Some of this will require some help from and SEO expert but it will be well worth it when you business casts a wide enough net that it will be showing up in “near me” searches all over Salt Lake City.

Have a good online reputation

Aside from just generally wanting to have a good online reputation so that potential customers know how great your business is, you need a positive online reputation in order to be showing up in the most important search engines. How to manage your online reviews is an art but with the right people in your corner, you can get yourself in the optimal position. Good online reputations help with overall SEO which will help greatly as we shift into the era of voice enabled searching.

Let customers find you using simple language

One of the best selling points of all the new voice enabled tech is that you no longer have to speak like a robot for your search to work. Soon, gone will be the days where you say “find. a. Mexican. restaurant.  near. me.”  Instead, people just ask their tech, “Where’s a close place for tacos?” Understanding the kind of language that will be used to search for your products and services will help you get your business in a position to be found when people ask. This is important for when you are setting up your website and making your content SEO friendly. Talk to an expert to make sure that the way your content appears on your site will be findable through these different search outlets.