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New Site Launched For Top LuLaRoe Dealer

Groove Marketers is happy to announce the launch of a new site for one of LuLaRoe’s top dealers Jillian Ortner. Jillian is an extremely successful LuLaRoe representative and decided it was time for her to take her business to an even higher level.

We built a brand new website on our extremely secure platform and then did a full SEO setup. We then did an a campaign to set up Jillian’s new site in over 25 different directories to optimize her online presence. Next for Jillian, we are currently in the process of developing some awesome Facebook ads that are going to drive traffic up on her new website.

A great part about is that we are running an integrated blog. This will be great for her online presence and search engine optimization in the long run. Why do businesses need an integrated blog? Well, that answer is longer then you think but think of your website as a house. Every time you add new and relevant content, you are building your house even higher. Every week we are adding relevant and topical content to Jillian’s site which will help her have a dominate presence online.

Want to know more about how Groove Marketers can help your business get more online traffic? Give us a call! We are a top of the line digital marketing company in Salt Lake City, Utah and we know what it takes to get you to rank higher on Google and get more business from your website. Your competition is building their “house” bigger, the only question is, are you going to build up yours?

Congratulations on all your success, Jillian and we look forward to making sure this killer new website reaches as many people as it can. Now, you can worry about your business and we will help you get you Groove online.