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Utah Adwords Marketing Company Does It Right


Is Your Adwords PPC Campaign Wasting Your Money?

If you have tried Google Adwords PPC to market your local business products or services and had very little response there could be some underlying factors. First, most company owners think that a setup from Google for their Adwords Pay Per Click campaign is enough and they trust that their campaign is going to be successful just because a Google rep set it up. While having a Google representative setup your initial campaign is not a bad idea, if nobody is there to monitor your analytics or stats and explain them to you then you might as well kiss your advertising dollars goodbye. That would be like going fishing, putting a worm on a hook then dropping it into the pond and walking away to comeback later that week hoping you caught something. Groove Marketers takes the approach of having a dedicated account rep watching your Adwords account every day, week and month for changes and trends.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating a PPC Adwords campaign that will get back your ROI. Landing page marketing is an integral part of ensuring you are driving your PPC ads to the right page for a better end user experience thus helping them find exactly what they have searched for instead of the front page of some website where they have to navigate to find what they want. Groove Marketers Salt Lake City helps create a landing page experience geared exactly toward your potential customers searches thus ending in better conversions.

Highly Targeted Ads With Great Landing Pages Convert Better

Let’s take the example of a mom that searches for a dentist for her children. Now aside from word of mouth and friends referrals, this mother is probably going to search specific keywords to find someone near her house. Pediatric Dentist Salt Lake City, Family Dentist Salt Lake City, Children’s Dentist Salt Lake City would be a few examples of her searches. Now if your ads lead her to the home page of your website that may or may not lead to her calling your dentist. But, If you have a highly targeted well-designed landing page that explains exactly why you are the best dentist for children in Salt Lake City with customer reviews or testimonials to back it up then you would naturally have a better chance of her calling to schedule an appointment. This is a great example of how Groove Marketers can help your business become more relevant online and highly target the customers that are trying to find you.

Another example which is in the image to the left: Let’s take an insurance company that provides special event insurance for weddings, concerts or parties etc. If you were to search in Google for Wedding Insurance you would get a few ads at the top of the page. Let’s say you click on one of the ads and it takes you to the home page of some major insurance carrier. Chances are you’d be frustrated having to then look through the whole site to find the wedding insurance information. Now let’s say another one of those ads is linked to a landing page that just speaks about wedding insurance and let’s you know exactly what you need, how much and how fast you can get a quote. You would probably be happier with that ad. The end user experience would almost always end in a conversion or sale for the company doing example 2 because they are giving the consumer exactly what they are searching for.

Groove Marketers landing pages include these design and marketing qualities from conception:

  • Industry Specific Images
  • Target or Keyword Specific Titles
  • Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) Designed Landing Page
  • Content Capture Forms
  • Customer Database With Analytics
  • Social Media Buttons For Sharing
  • Google PPC Adwords Ads That Drive Traffic
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Dedicated Account Representative


And this is all in one place!!!

Check out our PRICING PAGE for options and details or give us a call if you have an interest in running a Google Adwords PPC campaign the right way from the beginning to avoid losing advertising dollars. We can help you focus on your business while we take care of the rest.